Who am I?

Hello readers!

Welcome to my webpage! I have opted to create a blog to showcase, and also ‘fine-tune’ my skills as a writer. This page is mostly about music, but I have also thrown in a few random articles for the fun of it. I hope that you enjoy and revisit my page. Feel free to also share your thoughts and comments about my blog so that I might learn something from you too!

Who am I?


My name is Lilen, I’m 26 and in 2010 I completed a Bachelor of  Communication (Honours) at the University of Newcastle, Australia. I was born in Argentina but I have lived in Australia for 22 years. Despite having lived more time in Australia I am fluent in both English and Spanish and maintain a really close relationship with my family, most of whom live in Argentina. I am currently working at one of Australia’s largest and leading media companies, Fairfax Media as a communications specialist. In this role I get to develop multi-platform content for a variety of audiences, both internal and external. As a journalist, I would love to pursue my passion for video production and one day move around the business onto it’s hugely impressive mastheads like The Sydney Morning Herald or The Age.

My personal interests are mostly music and travel-related. I am fantatical about heavy metal music, but my interests also extend to prog rock, blues, jazz, latin and classical. I am also a huge football fan, I go to many concerts, watch lots of foreign cinema, I love television drama (in particular Oz, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos), I love writing and reviewing CDs and concerts,  taking photos, I have worked at the Beijing Olympics and I love being with my friends whenever I can.

I hope you can enjoy this little space for my thoughts.

You can also follow me on Twitter – @Lilen23

Cheers, Lil \m/


6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Lilen, stumbled across your interviews and recognised your name. Good to see you kicking along with some good writing online.

    cheers and best wishes


    1. Hi Craig,

      Thanks for taking the time to have a read! It seems blogging is the journalism of the future, haha.

      Thanks for your comment!



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