Lamb of God @ The Metro Theatre

Lamb of God (w/guests Killer be Killed)
The Metro Theatre, Sydney
26 February 2015


Over the years, the ‘super group’ complex has quickly creeped into various genres of music – heavy metal included. Whether through serious side-projects, individual ambition or pure frivolity, various artists have partnered with their musical buddies to showcase unique talents in an ‘all-in-one’ approach. like a fantasy football team, but real.

The latest group to jump on the bandwagon is American band, Killer Be Killed – a cohort of metal greats from Sepultura, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta and Mastodon (amongst others). As with any super group, the fusion of metal’s finest musicians brings with it a whole range of exciting potential and Killer be Killed did not disappoint. Playing to a captivated audience, the band brought to life all the qualities you would expect from them – Brazilian patriotism, exorbitant riffs and outrageous stage antics which included stage dives, broken drums and a precarious climb up a wall of Marshall Amps.

Already setting the energy levels for the night, Killer be Killed made excellent headway for the band of the night – American heavy metal pioneers, Lamb of God. Exuding an energy that was as entertaining as it was infectious, the band raced head-first into their first two songs – Desolation and Ghost Walking – without so little as a breath.

Perched high at the back of the stage, drummer Chris Adler showed off a characteristically technical drum intro that set the scene for all-out musical chaos. Like a lion affirming his territory, frontman Randy Blythe prowled from one end of the stage to the other with intimidating confidence. His growls perfect and powerful, they were complemented by brilliantly executed guitar riffs. Riffs so clear and catchy that there really was no way anyone could stand still.

For a small venue it is easy for the sound of each instrument, particularly the vocals, to become lost amongst other competing sources. Not this time. Every growl, every snare hit, every guitar riff – all sharp, audible and carefully delivered.

Powering through Lamb of God ‘classics’ such as Walk with me in Hell, Hourglass and Redneck the energy levels never faltered. As always, the crowd complemented them nicely by creating vicious circle pits, wall-to-wall moshpits and the famously dangerous ‘wall of death’ – a physical appreciation and ‘moshpit’ variant that is characteristically part of every Lamb of God show.

Putting the audience’s appetite for a good show, Lamb of God powered through their frenzied set for almost two hours. Even Blythe seemed to ignore the human necessity to draw breath. It was a level of intensity that many heavy metal bands fail to achieve with such consistency, and just one of the many reasons every metal fan should see them in the flesh.

© Lilen Pautasso
For Reverb Magazine




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