OUROBOROS – Glorification Of A Myth


Glorification Of A Myth


By musical definition, technical death metal is a sonic onslaught of fast-paced instrumental and vocal precision which, combined, evokes a vivid sense of power and intensity. Without fault, the same definition can be used for Sydney tech-death voyeurs Ouroboros, whose latest album Glorification of a Myth is a fantastic debut for the five-man band.

Where some Australian bands can be seen to mindlessly mimic their influences, Ouroboros excels in both musical and conceptual aspects, consequently resulting in an album that could be a contender for Australian metal album of the year. Stylistically speaking, Ouroboros has spent many years carefully sculpting its own unique musical identity through the muse of the tech-death genre.

Beginning with the explosive ‘Black Hole Generator’, the album gets off to a phenomenal start with an intensity that makes your hair stand on end. Wasting no time, and leaving no intensity behind, the album continues on with ‘Lashing of the Furies’ and ‘Animal, Man…Machine’, the latter a track evidently influenced by the catchy Floridian death metal bands of the ‘80s. While technically branded as death metal, Ouroboros gift some space on the album to demonstrate their extensive musical influences and interests, weaving in acoustic guitars and percussion that exude an ancient feel similar to that of Nile and a progressive tangibility to the likes of Opeth or Green Carnation.

However, even though the album is wonderfully crafted, it often falls into a cycle of repetition that has seen many aspiring Aussie metal bands endure a quick demise. In what is the most disappointing aspect of the album, the guitars are given little opportunity to mark their importance on the record – which is particularly unusual for a tech-death band. While possibly a strategic decision, Ouroboros’ talented musicians deserve a greater presence overall. Skills such as those on ‘Disembodied Mind’ and ‘Edifice of Tyranny’ should be echoed on future albums.

Having already proven its musical ability, Glorification of a Myth is also visually enthralling. While not normally an aspect for critical analysis, the visual aspect of the album was hard to miss. Evidently granted equal significance in the creation of their debut, the album’s cover art and accompanying booklet is wonderfully visceral, brutal and ferocious – a perfect accompaniment to the sonic identity of the album. In an era of iTunes and excessive downloads, Glorification of a Myth brings back the excitement of owning a physical album and enjoying its various aspects.

A unique blend of rhythm, speed and technicality, the album was wholly developed in Australia under the close creative eye of the band. In what proves to be an album true to its influences, Glorification of a Myth is a commendable debut for a band that surely has more excellent releases under its sleeve.

Album: Glorification of a Myth
Release: June, 2011
Track List:
  1. Black Hole Generator
  2. Lashing of the Flames
  3. Animal. Man…Machine
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Sea to Summit
  6. Disembodied Mind
  7. Dissolve
  8. Panacea
  9. Edifice of Tyranny
  10. Absent from Entity
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