Interview with Matt Martorana of RECOIL v.o.r

Matt Martorana

RECOIL v.o.r “Go Nuts!”


Sydney-based metallers RECOIL v.o.r have always had an indisputable reputation for leading the hardcore metal scene in Australia. Currently on the final leg of their Australian tour, the band is soon to take on the ambitious step of attempting to crack the U.S market when they set off for their first ever American tour this October.

Voltage Media caught up with guitarist Matt Martorana to talk about the band’s latest achievement on an already long list of feats, as well as the follow-up to their 2010 debut The Will To Sin – which is tentatively due out in early 2012 – and of course, Wade McKay‘s ‘bathroom‘ habits.

You’ve already kick-started an Australian tour before heading offshore to the U.S. What do you enjoy most about touring?

Matt Martorana: It would have to be the buzz of getting out there and meeting all the fans and trying to gain more and more along the way. After playing, we are straight to the merch desk to meet and greet everyone. Also, being in a different place each night and playing in front of hundreds of metal-crazed fans has to be the best feeling in the world. Of course the drinking and partying with the other bands rocks too!

What has been a highlight of the tour so far?

Matt Martorana: The main highlight of the tour has been touring with Deprivation. Those country bastards are the funniest dudes ever. We had a kick-ass time with them in Orange and look forward to doing it all again in September at Club LED, Newcastle.

Do you have a favourite place to perform in Australia?

Matt Martorana: Hard call… I guess if we had to narrow it down, it would be at the Metro in Sydney. It is an international stage, but has a real intimate feel as the capacity is around 1000. You can still engage with the crowd and they don’t look like ducks balls if you know what I mean haha.

In your experience as a touring band, what has been the funniest moment?

Matt Martorana: Every time we tour, Wade [McKay, vocals] has the “need” to piss into a cup and just leave it around the hotel somewhere. It’s pretty gross, but when someone smells it from a distance, you can’t help but laugh your ass off. Unless, you are the one that smells it…

What do you look forward to the most on the eve of your American tour?

Matt Martorana: I think it would have to be the fact that we are going to play in another country and to develop a totally new fan-base. We already have a following over there, but there are always more people to impress and to have become part of the RECOIL v.o.r family.

I guess personally, I am most looking forward to playing in all the different places, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, LA, San Fran, etc. A lot of our favourite bands are from the states and just to play in some of their locals would be a great feeling and accomplishment.

How would you describe a Recoil v.o.r live performance?

Matt Martorana: This is always the hardest question to answer without sounding like every other band out there… All I want to say is that we go out every time with the same thoughts in mind. We always [tell] each other to “Go Nuts!” and “Focus on the job at hand”. At the end of the day, playing on stage doing what you love is a privilege and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to do this. I’m sure most would agree?

You’ve had a massive year supporting influential metal bands such as The Haunted and (HED)p.e as well as scoring key management deals. How significant have these experiences been for the band?

Matt Martorana: Well playing with both those bands was an amazing experience for each of us. (HED)p.e is one of Wade’s favourite bands too. It is the biggest rat race when it comes to supporting international artists coming to Australia, so when you get these opportunities you have to make it count.

We have also been able to score quite a few deals with some key sponsors [Peavey,SennheiserErnie Ball, TAMA and Clayton Custom Picks]. This has been due to the management deal we signed last year [Mark Mazzeti – Record Comnpany In A Box]. A great year so far and still so much more to add to the list of feats!

A tentative release date for a new album has been announced. Can you shed any light on what the album might sound like?

Matt Martorana: It is totally different to the last album in that we have taken it to a new level. Without sounding typical, we really have changed our sounds, but kept our elements true to who RECOIL v.o.r are.

It is heavy throughout and there have been some big changes made to our writing style since. We have a new producer on board [Stevie K] and he is getting the best work out of us. I know that we will produce a great product at the end of all this and we know that people are definitely going to wet themselves once listening to it, hahaha!


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