Segression: An Ongoing Journey


Segression: An Ongoing Journey

Since their inception in 1996, Wollongong-based metal quartet, Segression, quickly grew to become one of the highest profile metal bands on the Australian east coast.

After departing away with the original name of Eezee, the band took on a whole new trajectory, enjoying a number of emphatically supported national tours, a highest selling album and a spot alongside international metal legends such as Pantera, Soulfly and Ozzy Osbourne.

While difficult for any Australian metal band to match, Segression bassist and vocalist, Chris Rand, acknowledges the band’s ‘grandiose’ achievements much more modestly.

“We really don’t try to make statements on how good we are or if we are “better”, we much prefer to wear a humble shirt and focus on growing as people, musicians and songwriters,” he said.

“We honestly do not consider ourselves successful, [but] one thing we do know though, is the ride is far more important to us than the destination.”

Following the release of their second album, Fifth Of The Fifth in 1997, Segression has moved away from their thrash-infused style into a whole new musical dimension.

Fusing the extremities of metal with the rhythmics of rap, the band’s third and fourth albums, Smile and Segression, transcended into the unique and anomalous – a style that would become evidently dominant in their latest release, Never Dead.

“We are always on a constant search to work on our sounds,” Chris explains.

“At the moment, we have stripped back a lot of our effects and are concentrating on the more pure natural tones of our equipment. The less colouring of our instruments the clearer we hear ourselves in the notes and songs. If we find effects that add to this we may bring some back in – it could also swing the other way and we strip the tones back even more.”

Already described as an album with “a groove and ferocity that is completely unique,” Never Dead will also see the band embark on a national tour after a six-year long hiatus – a break widely unexpected amongst the metal community.

“We honestly didn’t realise that we had such a long hiatus”, says Chris.

“We may not have released songs or played live, but we were busy learning and trying to work out exactly what was important to us, and how we could really get what was burning inside the band to truly start to show others what Segression really is.”

Yet, despite taking some time off to learn more about their craft, Segression does not expect the support to cease. As Chris highlights, despite the difficulties Australian metal bands face when it comes to breaking into the market, bands should make the most of their given opportunities.

“We have been blessed with great support over the years…and never take it for granted,” he said.

“As an Australian band, we are proud of our fellow Aussies who enjoy metal, but if you find yourself in a band and want to complain about a lack of scene or opportunities [you need to] look for positive ways to create your own.”

So as the band prepares to kick-off their Never Dead national tour, Australian audiences will no-doubt witness the ongoing passion for heavy metal that the band has always professed.

As their MySpace page proudly proclaims…“hang on for the ride, raise your metal horns high and come and see why [Segression] are again at the forefront of the Australian Metal scene!”

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Published on    18/04/2011


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